Mogki (mogki) wrote,


Gaming party at my place on Friday, June 4th (that would be THIS Friday for those too lazy to check the date). If you can read this, then come on over. People can start showing up anytime after 5:00 P.M. If you need directions to my place, call me at 525-4235.

The douche (stepfather) isn't here, so we won't have to worry about him harassing us.

We have three TVs here already, and it's big enough here that we can keep things spread out enough so people won't be left out of the gaming action.

PLEASE bring consoles, games, controllers, anything. The more games, the better. If someone feels the need to bring an extra TV, it might be a good idea, because you never know. Also, my PC is now equipped with a PSX>USB converter, so the hundreds of old school console ROMS I have will be easier to play, and there will be Stepmania/DDR goodness to be had. BRING DDR PADS, AND IF ANYONE HAS SOME SPARE PLYWOOD TO PUT THEM ON THAT WOULD BE DAMN SWELL.

Multiplayer games are a MUST. A Gamecube with Double Dash, an X-Box with Halo, some Soul Caliber, anything. If we can get two X-Boxes here and network them for some 8 player Halo, that would be the best thing ever.

People are welcome to crash here. Keep in mind that I will be gone by 10:45 the next morning to go to work, but there's no rush, ya'll can sleep in and leave whenever you wake up.

Sustenance will be provided, I'll probably buy a bunch of frozen pizzas and Mountain Dew.

If you have any suggestions, please comment.

Neo-Nazis are not invited.
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